Healing Cards

Divination cards are a means for receiving the exact guidance you need, just at the time you need it. There are five sets offered here, each serving a unique purpose in supporting you. Trust your intuition to guide you to the right deck, then take a deep breath, relax, and select a card(s) that draws your attention.

Divine Demons

These cards are a powerful tool for going deep to clear away fears, doubts, and limiting patterns that have served as obstacles in your life.

Divine Transitions

Like a trapeze artist who must let go of one bar in order to swing to the next, you must leg go of the old before the new can arrive...

Divine Kids

You can have issues or problems no matter what age you are. It’s never too soon to clear them out of the way.

Divine Discovery

These cards help you master the creative process. When you hit snags or frustrations in the conscious co-creation of your...

Divine Balance

Inner peace and harmony are a precious and hard-won accomplishment worth protecting. If balance is becoming your norm...

Welcome to Divine Potentials

One of my greatest joys is helping people move toward their full potential, which is why I’m pleased to offer the Divine Card Series to you. If you’re on a journey of self-discovery, pursuing your heart’s desire, or taking that next step toward greatness, you will enjoy these cards. They are easy to use and in using them, I hope you find that everything you really need -- love, faith, trust, courage, worthiness – is already within you. All the best to you,

Carla Berg
Creator of the Divine Card Series

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Carla Berg
Creator of the Divine Card Series

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