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I’m Carla Berg

In 2002 I left a 25-year career in human resource management to pursue writing and self-discovery. I wanted to prove that you can do whatever you love and make a living at it. My passion for digging down to the root causes of things that hold us back in life – especially fears and doubts – led me to my first book/card set, Divine Demons: Reclaiming the Power of Your Destiny. Just months after publishing it, I’d proven that I could make a living at writing and teaching, but a calling to take life to a new, larger level convinced me to take it off the market and go deeper into self-discovery.

I believed that if I were to completely practice what I preached – to go deep and rid myself of limits that held me back – there would be no limit to what I could achieve. That commenced a five-year period of deconstruction. I lost almost everything I had – house, cabin, car, furniture, career, reputation, pride -- and in the process, broke down old belief systems about worthiness, lack, failure, powerlessness, rejection, and self-doubt. I found strength and courage I never knew I had, and most importantly, I gained a level of trust and compassion that will carry me through life.

During those five years, I wrote the other four sets of cards that are on this website. I’ll admit, I wrote and used them out of sheer desperation. I needed the insights and inspiration they hold to get me through the darkest moments, and now that the darkness has passed, I am thrilled to share them with you.

It is my sincere belief that we all have greatness in us and that if we follow our passions, we will find it. Not only that, if every human followed their passions, we could create heaven on earth for all. I encourage you to use these cards as tools to find peace, fulfillment, and above all, your greatness. All the best to you in that pursuit.

Carla Berg

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Carla Berg
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